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Prof. Dr. Kristian Kersting

Co-director of the Hessian Center for AI (hessian.AI) / Head of the DFKI Research Department Foundations of Systems AI / Head of the Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Group Computer Science Department & Center for Cognitive Science TU Darmstadt, hessian.AI

Kristian Kersting is co-director of the Hessian Center for Artificial Intelligence (hessian.AI), runs the Department on Foundations of Systems AI at DFKI and heads the AI and Machine Learning group at TU Darmstadt. His research focuses on Deep Probabilistic Programming and Learning and Explainable AI. He is a Fellow of the European Association for AI (EurAI) and the European Lab for Learning and Intelligent Systems (ELLIS), book author ("How Machines Learn") and winner of the "German AI Award 2019". He writes a regular AI column in Die Welt am Sonntag.