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Mr. Krystian Bergmann

AI Consultant Lead, Netguru  

Krystian is an AI Product Consultant with a background in robotic engineering and a specialization in wireless technologies. With extensive experience in the global IT landscape, Krystian has collaborated with industry giants such as Apple, Google, Samsung, Huawei, and Philips. He has also liaised with key telecommunication entities like AT&T, Orange, and Etisalat, ensuring successful implementation and delivery of various Internet of Things solutions. Drawing from his experience, Krystian has played a pivotal role in steering hardware startups towards becoming significant market players. As an academic tutor, he imparts knowledge in the intricacies of the human-machine design process. Of late, Krystian’s professional pursuits are geared towards Gen AI applications across multiple domains. His endeavours seek to understand and harness the transformative potential of AI, both for human development and broader business evolution.