Organising committee

Martina Bauer
Marc Fischlin
Margot Mammeri
Tomas Navarro
Artur M. Palowski
Marcus Wallum

About Partners Organisations

The Technical University of Darmstadt is a synonym for excellent, relevant science. Global transformations are posing enormous challenges. We are playing a crucial role in helping to shape these far-reaching processes of change.
As Europe's centre of excellence for satellite operation, ESOC is home to the engineering teams that control spacecraft in orbit, manage our global tracking station network, and design and build the systems on the ground that support missions in space.
In giant planets, stars, and during stellar explosions and collisions, matter is subject to extreme conditions such as very high temper­a­tures, pressures, and densities. FAIR will enable scientists to create such conditions in the laboratory.

AI STAR Code of Conduct:

The AI STAR Symposium is a community event intended for presentations, networking and collaboration as well as learning. We value a civil and respectful environment which encourages the free expression and exchange of scientific ideas. Should a lapse of professional decorum occur (such as discrimination or harassment), attendees are encouraged to bring issues, in a confidential setting, to the advisors appointed by the conference organisers. The advisors will suggest ways of redressing the matter and counsel the parties involved. The conference organisers may, after due consideration, take action as they deem appropriate, including, in severe cases, expulsion from the conference without refund. If you believe someone is violating the code of conduct, we ask that you report it by emailing